Captain Cartoon has created a number of super hero characters since 1967!

super ghost
Super Ghost: Created 1994. Topped 1997 Internet poll as 'Best" of all the Captain's super heroes.

gang buster
Gangbuster anti-gang super hero, created in 1985. Read his FREE E-Comic Book

The Captain's very first super hero: 'The Yankee' -- 1967, created at age 14.

lizard wizard
The evil Lizard Wizard, created 1989

super swede'Super Swede' sold tons of Toyotas and won top advertising awards in 1978!

super captain cartoon
Don't ask . . .

2004 award
ABOVE: Captain Cartoon, aka Dick Kulpa, was named "Best Comic Convention Sketch Artist 2004" — outpolling all vying comics pros — in a national online poll!

captain cartoon chest where you can make your own cartoon

How to Utilize Cartoon Characters:

Comic strip ads
Flyer illustrations
Ad illustrations
Poster art
Promotional T-shirts
Corporate identity
Free Promotional coloring books
Promotional comic books
Television ads
Product packaging
Business cards
Children's books
TV and Movie treatments

. . . Have we forgotten anything?

Once you've armed yourself with a whole new advertising tool, you're ready to roll!

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Comic Books, Coloring Books & Cartoon Billboards!

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"South Florida's Most Colorful Caricature Artist"

Ready-to-Use Cartoon Character Logos

These trademarkable characters are looking for a good home!half bird, half dog cartoon

ABOVE: Here's a new addition: a bird dog! Someone oughta fly high with this ;-)

super hero character logo for brand marketing
Super character logo with room for company emblem on chest ©2011

Leprechaun character ©2011
cartoon space alien character logo
Space Alien character logo with room for company emblem on hat ©2011
super hero for logo use and brand marketing
Super character logo with room for company emblem on chest ©2011

Looking for a powerful, easily-remembered and positive cartoon character as a logo, trademark or both, for your business or organization? No time to design? Why pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to create that which may already be here -- these cartoon characters are ready and waiting for you!
Make the Captain an offer, and if accepted, the character is yours for all time!
Don't forget, Captain Cartoon can create comics, coloring books, t-shirt designs and more from these characters as well!

If you're looking for a custom-designed character, contact the Captain for details!

Comic Strip Advertising

Comic strip advertising is pound for pound the most cost-effective means of brand and image-building in all media communication! Why? Cost is pennies on the dollar when compared to video and TV promotion, and people of all ages eagerly read these colorful gems because they grab attention. And comics don't vanish from the screen in 15 seconds;-)

Captain Cartoon is a comic strip advertising veteran, winning a number of awards from prestigious advertising organizations for his attention-getting cartoons and cartoon characters! The Captain writes as well as draws, so if you're ready to make a big advertising splash at a surprisingly low cost, contact Captain Cartoon today!

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