Captain Cartoon is an illustrator, cartoonist, caricature artist and entertainer serving West Palm Beach, Hollywood, Hallandale and cities throughout South Florida.

online caricature arnold schwarzenegger as a baby

batty Florida Governor Rick Scott
Florida Gov Rick Scott

Rush Limbaugh talking through his butt again
Rush Limbaugh

digital caricature of Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

cartoon caricature online of Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Sarah Palin cartoon
Sarah Palin

George Reeves as Superman cartoon drawing
George Reeves
Click on Reeves' image to see a full-figured view.

captain cartoon chest

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digitally-drawn cartoon superhero advertisement
New digitally drawn ad

Vampire Robert Pattinson digital portrait
Robert Pattinson

Digital caricature of Mr. BeanMr. Bean

Nick Jonas digital portrait
Nick Jonas

Justin Bieber digital portrait
Justin Bieber

digital portrait of the Captain's mom
Captain's Mom

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Digital Cartoon Caricatures digital caricatures for corporate eventsfor Parties and Events
Captain Cartoon is now offering digital caricatures for corporate events, parties and trade shows! These caricatures are drawn directly into the computer and printed out on site as folks crowd around to watch the art unfold on the large monitor. Photo at left shows part of the Captain's setup, and the photo at right was taken at a recent Bar Mitzvah in South Florida.

Contact the Captain for more details.

Cartoons & Caricatures Drawn Digitally on Computer

Punkin, the Starlette Universe schnauzer An accomplished portrait artist, cartoonist, caricaturist and digital artist, there is nothing beyond the capability of Captain Cartoon, and he's recently launched digital caricatures and cartoons, featuring imagery drawn directly on-screen and posted on line.

A "purist," the Captain uses no "helper apps", preferring to draw on a Wacom tablet much the same way he uses paper and marker.

Featured on this page are digital Internet caricatures Baghdad Bob cartoon produced by the Captain for a number of websites and clients.

Remember the blustery "Baghdad Bob" from Desert Storm? The cartoon at right features Saddam Hussein's ultimate spinmaster, and appeared on Dick Kulpa's IUDEXonline news satire website.

The Captain, an avowed Bears Fan, wanted to see what the Packers would look like with female bodies. Green Bay Packers as women In fact, he wanted everyone else to see that too, so here it is.

BEFORE the digital era, there was that marvelous invention called a "pencil," and Captain Cartoon laid the groundwork for his digital caricatures through pencil portraits.

As the Florida cartoonist once remarked, "I never had to worry about any computer crash or power outage back then — but I occasionally ran into trouble when my electric pencil sharpener quit."

elvis presley cartoon Captain Cartoon created this "Starlette Universe Interviews Elvis" satire bloc last year (shown left) in commemoration of the anniversary of Presley's death.The Starlette's nemesis Evil Eva

A number of the Captain's digitally-drawn cartoons have recently been produced for the Starlettes, including this full page feature (right).

Captain Cartoon recently produced several digitally-drawn caricature billboards, one running as large as 37 feet by 10 feet high.

Digital repair and improvement of figures is shown below on panels from Captain Cartoon's Gangbuster Comics. The first half is from 1986, and the second half features 2010 digital rework. The Captain has certainly learned a few things since the 80s ;-)

gangbuster comic panels before and after being enhanced via digital tablet drawing

NOTE: Most (but not all) images are linked to enlarged views. Click to view. More enlargements will be added soon. Read the entire E-Book

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Ghost Story Club: Now featuring the Captain's digitally-reworked comic strips.

Custom Cartoon Characters

Digital Cartoon Billboards by the Captain

• If you hate Farmville, you'll LOVE these bonus cartoon spoof pages, originally drawn as exercises in digital cartooning.

• Captain Cartoon Produces VIDEOS Too!