About the Captain

Captain Cartoon is an illustrator, cartoonist, caricature artist and entertainer serving West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Hypoluxo and cities throughout South Florida.

Portrait of 911 fireman angel fighting terrorist blaze
Prophetic oil pastel fireman angel drawn in 1995. larger image.

pencil portrait of chocolate labrador
Realistic pencil portraits and cartoon caricatures -- of pets!

African-American angel
Oil pastel angel drawn in 1995.

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captain cartoon chest

pencil portrait of Captain Cartoon's daughter
Pencil portrait of daughter Candice.

pencil portrait of Captain Cartoon's son
Pencil portrait of son David

satire caricature of former boss as Alfred E, Neuman
Pencil portrait of a former boss, mixed in with another famous face.

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"South Florida's Most Colorful Caricature Artist"

911 Artwork of Angel Fireman

illustration of fireman with angel wings battling evil fires of terrorism

Fireman angel battling evil. Drawn in 1995 by Dick Kulpa, six years prior to the 911 tragedy, it now pays homage to all the New York City Firefighters who responded to the 911 disaster.

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