Captain Cartoon is former Publisher and Editor of CRACKED Magazine, and creator of the famed Bat Boy. He is currently performing as a caricature artist and entertainer throughout South Florida.

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Captain Cartoon Parodies Facebook Apps in this Cartoon Satire

Anyone hooked into social networking has encountered Farmville, Mafia Wars and Fishville — and we've either been sucked into digging up treasures, building materials and eggs — or forced to watch as our "newsfeeds" clutter up with these inane, mind boggling quests! This was too much for Captain Cartoon — following are his satiric takes on these mind-melting apps — drawn in direct response to specific Facebook posts.

cow falls on farmer
Cow-milking was just not
one of
Farmer Brown's strengths.
farmer wants to eat cow
His farm animals loved
Farmer Brown — and Farmer
Brown loved them!
outhouse fertilizer
Farmer Brown is so full of
consideration he can fertilize
everyone's farm!
farmer and his family
Known as "The Great Fertilizer"
there was also something strange
about Farmer Brown's kids . . .
farmers pot field
Farmer Brown lost all his crops
when his farm was confiscated
by the cops!
farmer gets horse head
Farmer Brown sold his farm
when Guido made him an offer
he couldn't refuse!

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