Captain Cartoon is former Publisher and Editor of CRACKED Magazine, and creator of the famed Bat Boy. He is currently performing as a caricature artist and entertainer throughout South Florida.

imprinted caricature paperCaptain Cartoon
pre-prints event or business names on his drawing paper upon request!

dog caricatureNot even pets are safe from the Captain's caricature pens!

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Captain Cartoon Parodies Farmville, Fishville & Mafia Wars!

Looking for an excuse to practice drawing digitally on computer, Captain Cartoon satirized network site apps such as Farmville, Mafia Wars and Fishville. The Captain posted these irregularly on his facebook page as the opportunities arose, but that's before he discovered the "block app" button. Stay tuned, become a Captain Cartoon Facebook fan, and join the fun!

jimmy hoffa fertilizer
Farmer Guido's fertilizer
contained an extra special
mafia guy offs friends
Overwhelmed with farmer
"friends," Farmer Guido
resolved the situation.
upside-down guppy
One of Dick's fish became ill! Lacking
funds to buy medication, Dick simply
stands on his head to watch it.
puffer popped like a balloon
Dick's new puffer fish would blow
itself up like a balloon — but then
the Grandkids popped it!
puffer fish eating grandkid
The Grandkids were warned to
keep their hands out of the fish tank,
so Dick bought a special fish.
dead fish turned into angel fish
Dick forgot to feed his guppy
and platy, so now he's
raising "angel" fish!


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