Captain Cartoon's Gangbuster comic book has been published and circulated by youth gang prevention agencies and police departments since 1986, with great results.

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Gangbuster Gang Prevention Comic Book

The original 1985 Gangbuster Comic Book was modified in 2007.
Featuring an 8-page story produced with extensive input from youth gang counselors, police departments still distribute this version of Gangbuster.

This is the edition available here for free download, though NOT for long.
Gangbuster anti-gang comic book online free

Sample page from the NEW Gangbuster

new gangbuster page
Page in the works for the NEW Gangbuster blockbuster, coming soon.
It's . . . a tad different in style than the 1985 edition. Read More about the New Gangbuster!

Download the original 1985/2007 anti-gang comic book Gangbuster as a potent aid for youth gang prevention.

NEW! Gangbuster's FIRST book is getting an overhaul!

before and after Gangbuster panels
Gangbuster's FIRST story is going through an extensive overhaul. These are "Before and after" panels from the current E-book

Abstract art of Jeff Fudge is featured in Gangbuster as dramatic backgrounds

Gangbuster's going to become even "cooler."
Here's an early redo of another panel in the current e-book. It was this panel that changed Gangbuster's artistic direction.

Work "in progress."

Some backgrounds now feature the abstract art of Jeff Fudge.

Cartroonist Michael Phelps appears in this Gangbuster panel

Refurbished panel features fellow cartoonist Michael Phelps (Life on 66)

Other Facebook friends, pals and long time classmates also appear in this coming version.

before and after Gangbuster drawings

All stops are being pulled out as work continues on both Gangbuster stories.


Read more about the new Gangbuster here

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