Duffy's Online Caricature Wall of Fame

Captain Cartoon draws FREE full color caricatures at Duffy's Sports Grill (Boynton Beach Blvd and Jog Rd.) Wednesday Eves 6-9 PM. It's a marvelous experience, as folks waiting for tables get a big kick out of watching this perrenial pen & pencil pusher in action!
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duffys waitresses cartoon

muscle boy cartoon

two boys drawn at Boynton Beach Duffys

cartoon of boy coccer player

cartoon portrait of three people together

cheerleader caricature

two kids caricature

redhead girl caricature

boy football player cartoon

girl on cartoon motorcycle

Little girl fairy cartoon

COMING SOON: Sailfish Marina Wall of Fame


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•CB America Magazine
•The Testor Corporation
•Cracked Magazine
•Weekly World News

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SALE: Original Comic Strip & Cartoon Art

by Dick Kulpa & Captain Cartooncaptain cartoon logo
"South Florida's Most Colorful Cartoon Caricature Artist"

History of Captain Cartoon

animated Captain Cartoon caricatureHe's not "just any caricature artist." Captain Cartoon is a bona-fide comic strip veteran, political cartoonist, satirist, politician, art instructor, art director, newspaper editor, humor magazine publisher and web designer.

And this Florida cartoonist has been drawing cartoons for publication for over 40 years!

A self-taught illustrator, the Captain gained a foothold in drawing at the age of seven when a substitute art teacher, visiting his 2nd grade class, informed all present that "eyes go in the middle of the head, not the top."

Years later, the cartoonist caused quite a stir through his conservative high school Richard Nixon drawingnewspaper political cartoons, joining his hometown weekly paper at age 16 in 1969. Captain Cartoon went on to run for elective office, winning three local and regional elections to city and county positions.

Right: Nixon pencil sketch drawn in 1970 for high school newspaper

Captain Cartoon's illustrations and artworks have since been published by CAR-Toons magazine, and syndicated by the L.A. Times Syndicate and Tribune Media Services, Inc., appearing in major dailies such as:
New York Daily News,
Orange County Register,
Minneapolis Star

•Hong Kong English Daily newspaper
•Bangkok, Thailand Post -- and many others.
Caricature of Bill Clinton

Recent digital caricature of Bill Clinton, drawn by the Captain. (Click to Enlarge)

The Captain, aka Dick Kulpa, joined the "wild and wacky " Weekly World News in 1988. The iconic 'Bat Boy' character was designed by the Captain in 1992, and to this day an off-Broadway musical features the pointy-eared creature. He was soon promoted to Art Director, and eventually, Editor-in-Chief. Kulpa also created and managed the paper's first website in 1997.

Simultaneously, the Captain produced a weekly cartoon panel for the Chicago Bear Report newspaper — for 11 years!

In 1994 the Captain appeared on the John & Leeza Show, presenting the entertainment show's hosts a personalized gift caricature.
Captain Cartoon on the John Tesh and Leeza Gibbons show
The Captain presents a caricature to John Tesh and Leeza Gibbons

From 2000-2004 Captain Cartoon acquired and published the humor-satire Cracked magazine, after a highly-successful six month tenure as CRACKED editor. "CRACKED was a wash," says the Captain. "From start to finish I encountered no less than eight elements dead-set against its success, or more specifically, my success with it. I chucked it all and went into caricaturing."

Throughout his career, Captain Cartoon's political cartoons — and his advertising comic strips — made national headlines numerous times.Dick Kulpa meets Gene Roddenberry

Captain Cartoon illustrated the Star Trek newspaper strip in 1983. Here he's shown gifting ST creator Gene Roddenberry with a framed original artwork set.

The political satirist is currently enjoying a new reputation as one of South Florida's premier caricature artists. "But I am a work in progress," reveals the Captain. "What I do this month is an improvement over what I did last month. I will not relent on this."

Recent elections thrust the Captain's political cartooning/digital illustration skills to the forefront via two giant billboards and one major countywide mailer — all for separate campaigns.

Captain Cartoon is also producing four websites in their entirety, from writing and illustrations to design, SEO and posting.
Stay tuned to this website for more updates about the caricaturistic cartoon captain!

Now if you want to know the "TRUE" origin of Captain Cartoon, download his coloring book

Captain Cartoon Produces VIDEOS Too!

NEW: Captain Cartoon's Political Cartoon History on Wordpress!

Part 1: Birth of a Political Cartoonist
Part 2: Dick Kulpa Runs for Mayor
Part 3: Ald. Kulpa VS the Cops
Part 4: Rise of ALDER-MAN
Part 5: Dick Kulpa's Greatest Cartoon

Check out Captain Cartoon's Latest Hit:
Starlette Universe!

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