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The Captain has produced three nationally syndicated newspaper comic strips

bruce lee panel
Bruce Lee
(LA Times Syndicate)

star trek panel
Star Trek
(LA Times Syndicate)

A commemorative two-voluime set reprintong the Star Trek newspaper strips -- including Dick Kulpa's versions -- is now on sale!
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ghost story club comic strip panel
Ghost Story Club (Tribune Media Services)
Click on image to see Kulpa's renovated Ghost Story Club comic strips!

Captain's cartoon chest features comics and coloring pages

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Political cartoon originals by Dick Kulpa

wikileaks original artWikiLeaks cartoon (Inspired by Bill Mauldin's famed post WW2 cartoon)
8.5 x 11... $25

lizard wizard
Scare away intruders with Kulpa character Lizard Wizard sketch 8.5 x 11... $25

Classic Weekly World News Original Art by Dick Kulpa

weekly world news- wife hits hubby with chicken
Cartoon published in Weekly World News -- 11 x 14: $50

weekly world news - alien meets little girl Elaborate 20-inch tall pencil drawing published in Weekly World News. $500 or make an offer

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classic cracked

CRACKED Publisher Dick Kulpa's
Best-Selling Issue Now On Sale
(From the Publisher's Private Collection!)

CRACKED 357 cover

This rare, historic mint condition CRACKED issue is available for $7.50 (Plus $2.50 shipping and handling.)
Total: $10
(US Orders Only.)
(Autographed by CRACKED Pubblisher Dick Kulpa)
Credit cards and Pay Pal accepted!


OR: Email Dick Kulpa to order with check or money order

The Story Behind CRACKED 357

CRACKED issue #357 (Spring 2002) became the first issue published by "controversial" publisher Dick Kulpa after he acquired CRACKED Magazine outright as a settlement.

This landmark edition also emerged as CRACKED'S top seller during Dick's publishing tenure from 2000-2004.
Released after an 11-month hiatus (and CRACKED's first
post-9/11 issue), "The Mazagine That Just Wouldn't Die" was resurrected once again.

Dick Kulpa CRACKED InterviewA key feature in this rare issue is the full page interview with publisher Kulpa, complete with a full color photo of Dick as "Captain Cracked" standing beside his inspirational 1960 Chevy "Double Eagle". This Batmobile-esque car was the subject of Kulpa's very first newspaper comic strip, and drove Dick to win three consecutive municipal and county elections from 1977-1988

Dick Kulpa running with CRACKED Magazine
Kulpa's CRACKED adventure became probably THE strangest ever in national publishing. One major answer to that riddle abruptly emerged in August, 2004.

As to what made his publishing tenure so controversial, Kulpa reveals "no one has ever asked ME. Not a soul. I kept CRACKED afloat for nearly FIVE YEARS, no small achievement given the circumstances."
"When someone finally does (ask) -- and gets my answers -- they'll make a movie out of it. Trust me," he added.

Why the sale of his personal editions? "I am staring down some nasty vision issues," Kulpa reveals. "This must be done to save my sight.
I am also working on the Gangbuster Graphic Novel for that very same reason."


Original Art For Sale

Cartoon: A Dead
Elvis Reads a
Defunct Hard
Copy Weekly World
News: $50
elvis reading weekly world news
Size: 11 x 14, last
Elvis/WWN cartoon
ever drawn by
Dick Kulpa (2010)
Pencil Portrait:
Michael Jackson
Meets Elvis
in Heaven:
Make Offer
michael jackson meets elvis
Now you can have your
Michael -- and Elvis too!
Size: Approximately 14 x 18

All artwork shipped insured: $5 S&H per complete order (Priority Mail)

Overnight: $20 S&H per complete order

Paypal accepted: Contact the Captain to order

Check back often as more artwork is posted.

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SNEAK PEEK: Dick Kulpa's Coming GANGBUSTER Graphic Novel
Hand-drawn digitally -- there's nothing quite like this!
Kulpa art

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