Captain Cartoon is an illustrator, cartoonist, caricature artist and entertainer and has recently illustrated several cartoon billboards in South Florida

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Dick Kulpa pickets at union protest
Captain Cartoon drew this union protest sign

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The BIGGEST cartoons in the country!
port st lucie cartoon billboard
link to left side enlargement This 37-foot union billboard cartoon was a key player in the election win of pro police union candidates.
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Billboard Cartoons & Political Cartoon Art

police union billboard photo West Palm Beach pro union billboard cartoon
Two different cartoon billboards feature the same "Boondoggle Bus" — but with completely different passengers!

"Digitally-drawn" pro-union cartoon billboards featured here generated reams of publicity upon their unveiling in 2010! Most importantly, they maximized attention for their issues, and galvananized lots of support.

Above and beyond the billboards themselves, television stations and news websites featured these colorfully caricaturistic cartoon images as openers for newscasts and stories.

"Throughout history, cartoons have gotten people to talking, thinking, laughing — and DOING," says veteran political cartoonist Captain Cartoon. "They boost morale and invigorate campaigns in ways no other medium can." Contact the Captain for more details!

port st. lucie police cartoon
Illustration drawn on behalf of Port St. Lucie PD's police union.

port st. lucie pd cartoon
Second Cartoon drawn on behalf of Port St. Lucie PD's police union.

Jim McCormick political cartoon
This drawing was produced for a Congressional candidate, though it features an (ugh) overused "puppet" theme as per his campaign's request — BUT, the all-important point was made.

Achievements of the Captain's Cartoon Campaigns

Veteran cartoon artist and ad designer Captain Cartoon has written and illustrated hundreds of cartoons and illustrations for promotional and political use since 1970!

•A five-cartoon campaign targeting a federal EPA fine levied against the city of Loves Park, Illinois (1978) resulted in the fine being reduced substantially, from $18,800 to $1,200. See sample cartoon.

•A multi-political cartoon series contributed immensely to a mayoral candidate's 6-1 re-election landslide victory against a challenger in 1985. See sample cartoon

•A 19-week comic strip advertising campaign generated "record walk-in customers" for a car dealership during a three month period in 1979. The promotional comic strips also won the prestigious "Raddie" award as best newspaper campaign in Northern Illinois for 1978. Story on "Comic Strip Advertising" Page!

•A five-cartoon series was utilized on 22" x 28" protest placards on behalf of Donald Trump's Palm Beach anti-airport noise campaign in 1988.

•The Captain's cartoon booklet series drawn during efforts to obtain the GM Saturn plant generated national attention — and nearly $950,000 in "jobs creation grant funds" for the City of Loves Park, Illinois in 1986. (Image in right column).

•A political cartoon brochure resulted in an upset election win for a challenger in 1984. That candidate was "Captain Cartoon" himself. (Image in right column).

•The Florida artist's anti-gang comic book continues to be utilized by police and youth agencies since it first appeared in 1986. Download Free Gangbuster Comic Here.

Need promotional or editorial cartoons for your political or advertising campaign? Contact the Captain for details!

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