Before developing his caricatures, South Florida artist Captain Cartoon drew realistic pencil and pastel portraits.

Portrait of 911 fireman angel fighting terrorist blaze
Prophetic oil pastel fireman angel drawn in 1995. larger image.

pencil portrait of chocolate labrador
Realistic pencil portraits and cartoon caricatures -- of pets!

African-American angel
Oil pastel angel drawn in 1995 as part of a series of angel prints

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pencil portrait of Captain Cartoon's daughter
Pencil portrait of daughter Candice.

pencil portrait of Captain Cartoon's son
Pencil portrait of son David

satire caricature of former boss as Alfred E, Neuman
Pencil portrait of a former boss, mixed in with another famous face.

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Caylee Anthony portrait shows the little girl with angel wings link to Captain Cartoon home page captain cartoon logo
"South Florida's Most Colorful Caricature Artist"

Fine Art Portraits and Caylee Anthony Commemorative Sketch

The Captain draws fine art portraits too

A fine arts artist in his own right, Florida illustrator Captain Cartoon now unveils his studio portrait work.
The Captain can produce these types of portraits live or from photos. As compared to his economical color portrait caricatures, pencil portraits — of people and/or pets — start at $100 per face, and pastel portraits start at $200 per face.
The color angel pictures are available as 8 X 10 prints on canvas for $10.00 each.

Portrait Star Trek's Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock

Star Trek pencil portrait drawn in 1982
Produced as a character study in anticipation of drawing the Star Trek newspaper strip, Captain Cartoon presented a pencil portrait of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock to his "Trekkor" sister as a gift shortly after drawing it. He immediately forgot about it, not seeing it again until 2004.
BUT....a mystery persists. That's because the Captain has no real recollection of drawing this. It's well within his capability, and very similar in style. And that Enterprise looks a bit screwy. He knew he drew a precision pencil portrait study back then -- and gave it to his sister. In 2004 she brought the original art outside at a barbecue party, insiting this was the image given her 20 years earlier, and drawn by the Captain. So far as Captain cartoon is concerned, the jury is still out oin this. But it is a cool image. One main reason for this post is to get to the truth.


Digital caricature of Nick Jonas

Digital portrait caricature of Nick Jonas
Captain Cartoon is now exploring the art of digital portraits, featuring artwork drawn on a Wacom tablet.

See More Digital Portraits

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