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Captain Cartoon is an illustrator, cartoonist, caricature artist and entertainer serving Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County, and cities throughout South Florida.

Pretty Beef O Brady's waitress

boy holding caricature
Boy outside Duffys shows off his drawing. . .

boy holding his caricature
. . . as does his brother.

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Pete Rose Caricature
Popular Pete Rose Ballpark Cafe waiter displays his Captain Cartoon caricature

las olas wall of fame
Captain's caricature wall at the Las Olas Cinema in Fort Lauderdale

Circus Bar caricature
Pompano Beach's Circus Bar boasts a long-time wall of fame featuring the works of a number of South Florida caricaturists

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Captain Cartoon Designs NEW Restaurant 'Learn-to-Draw' Placemats for Kids!

South Florida Caricature 'Walls of Fame'
Captain Cartoon's first "Wall of Fame" materialized in Boynton Beach at the bustling Beef O Bradys Family Pub!

The Captain snaps a digital pic of each drawing, prints it out on computer, and sticks it up on the wall. "Caricature Walls are proven attention-getters," says the Captain. "They provide significant business boosts, as customers who see them often return on the designated caricature day to get their kids — or themselves — drawn."

Wings Plus Wall of Fame

Wings Plus Wall of Fame
Boca Raton's Mission Bay Plaza Wings Plus hosted the Captain's largest wall to date, featuring over 400 caricature printouts.

Patrons who saw the wall made sure to bring their kids by Monday eves when Captain Cartoon was performing, turning that night into one of the restaurant's busiest for over 40 weeks.

The Captain still has digital copies of those caricatures on file!

Hurricane Alley's 'Wall of Shame'hurricane alley wall of shame

Legendary Caricaturist the late Steven Sanada maintained a "Wall of Shame" at Boynton Beach historic hot spot Hurricane Alley. If you drop by the restaurant today, you'll see some Captain Cartoon Caricatures popping up on the restaurant's walls.


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