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Captain Cartoon's charicture,carcature, cariture, well, no matter how you spell it -- caricature
Captain Cartoon is an illustrator, cartoonist, caricature artist and entertainer serving Lantana, Palm Beach County, Broward County and cities throughout South Florida.

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FEATURED PAGES (Click on Images to View):

Party & Event

70s party caricature sketch


gift caricature with an antique roadster

Cartoon & Comic Strip Advertising
super hero advertisement caricature

Digital Portraits & Caricatures
Digital caricature portrait of Justin Bieber

Yup, that's Justin Bieber!

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Call: 561-350-3218 or Email:


Man Proposes to Gal of His Dreams — With a Captain Cartoon Caricature! Will She Say 'Yes?'

Video Shot on Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd April 11!


More Videos, Slide Shows & Story Boards

Captain Cartoon not only draws caricatures and cartoons, he produces videos in their entirety, right down to their music tracks!

Below are four Captain Cartoon-produced videos featuring his music, plus two others showcasing the Captain and his work. More are coming soon. NOTE: Click on the lower right target square in each video — when it appears — to view at full screen. Also, the studio-recorded music sounds even better with stereo speakers.

Captain Cartoon produced this video for the
Sandy Hook Memorial Stamp campaign.

Captain Cartoon produced this video for famed abstract painter Jeff Fudge.

The Starlette Universe's first video by Captain
Cartoon features semi-animated scenes.

Captain Cartoon appears in this Acceller video
as a speed-drawer on whiteboard.

All kinds of dubbing and special effects are
included in this Starlette Universe video.

Video produced by the Captain's
daughter, using canned music.

Storyboards are very similar to comic strips, and the Captain has drawn hundreds over his career for the LA Times Syndicate and Tribune Media Services. You can see his comic strip work on the Ghost Story Club website.

The Captain also produces illustrations and cartoons for slide shows!

See Captain Cartoon's restaurant appearance schedule on the South Florida Fun Times "Kids Eat Free" Page